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Wednesday, November 03, 2004


And continuing with the e-mail theme from the previous...
Everyone (probably about 30% actually, but sounds good:) on the planet has a hotmail account!
How do the servers cope? What is the population of the planet anyway? And is hotmail going to run out of e-mail addresses before the 22nd century? All serious questions which I haven't a clue of any of the answers...(Actually I do know one, was answered kindly by KingOfAnkh, estimated population for Earth 2004 is 6,396,000,000)...
And seeing as I aint going to see the 22nd century, someone can have mine when I've finished with it!
Hotmail is billed as the most accessible e-mail wherever you are...
Yeah! Right! Tell that to the poor buggers living in mud huts in the middle of Africa where they haven't even got telephones!
Don't you grieve for 'em? I don't really...
We have complicated our lives beyond imagination. The 'communications age'? We can't even communicate with our nearest and dearest most of the time without the aid of telephones, mobiles, computers etc...
And what happens when there's a power cut? Nothing! We can't talk to anyone! Without technology we are dumb!


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