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Sunday, January 18, 2015

continued from previous...

Ahem!!! "My name is Gladiator..."...
No it f'ing isn't tongue emoticon
My name is Lynda Phillips; freelance journalist and everything it says back there <---- at some time or another...
Yes, I am and have been having a big conversation with myself especially since 10 January but have been 'out of action' having health issues...
(The rumours of my imminent demise are sort of unfounded)
I will be back with more in a moment wink emoticon
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Polite reminder to readers of my timeline and huge thanks to one of my very good friends for comprising the below 'comment' links to some of the variety of different names, business, roles, locations operating, acts, fake and bluffing it (mostly in MO) or real that a certain notorious company goes by etc. on behalf of UK, indeed, all so called Welfare Reforms... The views and info. contained within them are not necessarily the same as ours but, given the short period of time it's already looking pretty good smile emoticon
It also shows very clearly what a certain someone has done to a desperate group of millions of people on means tested and/or hard earned benefits and pensions while they themselves were not even really hard up!!!
Some of my major worries since this came out are:
How long before IDSIOT, FRAUD, McVILE and PICKLED etc. start using it directly against those on ESA SG and PIP?
What's happened/happening to all the very personal information that was collected for a certain report? I'm sure the ICO's office will be very keen to learn of such a large scale data pool which is mostly covered by the DPA 1998...
Some of it's published, what was the bulk of it for?
Wild weird guess: very experienced masters level job and perks package without the tedious years of slog and study, which is the right way... Taking it off vulnerable people to better yourself, position and standing is very very wrong frown emoticon
A miracle recovery that the Pope should look at in depth...
I sincerely hope I'm very wrong but I've held off saying some of it for 25/26 years... As it was happening, then thought it could never be when I was 'handed' the missing piece in the public domain on 15 January 2015...
There are many reasons I can't just write this without not actually typing it straight.. PEOPLE! Not just me personally, many thousands at least in the UK alone to varying extents to what they each know..frown emoticon I'll answer what I can in the only way I can.

Maximus, SM, ATTOSERS, MAJOR OUTSOURCING COMPANY OFFERING VARIED SERVICES AND SECTORS, DOS, DWP, IDSIOT, CAMORON, please wil someone else make the connections the suspense is killing me, literally tongue emoticon
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