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Monday, October 11, 2004

Endangered Species?

I feel a little like an 'endangered species' at the moment, but it's kind of a 'natural' state for me to be in anyway!

After all the accidents/trouble/daft things I get myself into on an almost daily basis, I'm grateful, a lot of the time, just to make it through the week!

More so than usual lately though:( Not sure what causes this, whether I just attract disaster naturally, or I have an evil fairy god-mother...Suggestions on a postcard please...

'Cos I have exceeded even my own high incidents of weird, wonderful and just plain 'off-the-planet' happenings this last 6 months.

So stop the world please, I want to get off, for my own safety and sanity, if nothing else! (And I could do with a bloody good rest!)


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