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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sexual Orientaion...

I know this is quite a bit different from the rantings, ramblings and just plain outpourings that I usually post, but I've been having a good look at why I started this in the first place...Was to let the real me out, or as much as I dare...So, here goes...A little insight into a part of me...Hope I don't offend...
Sexual Orientation...
I have pondered long and hard over this one people...
And come to the conclusion that I'm definitely heterosexual, but with a little 'bi-curious' thrown in there just for the hell!
I don't actually fancy women, don't even go looking for it, but, having sampled the delights of sex with another woman (in a MFF situation on 2 separate occasions) must admit to having a taste for that which only another woman can achieve.
Is as simple as that.
I know that may not explain it enough for those of you who haven't experienced it, but the saying is true...Only another woman can truly know how to satisfy another woman.
Doesn't, by any means, go to say that I don't like men, far from it actually. I like guys and sex with them so much that I can't do without it. Have to have as much as possible 'cos I've got an extremely healthy sex drive.
But the one thing a guy can give me overrides without a shadow, anything that a woman can do. The bit that a woman can't achieve is the feeling of a cock thrusting deep inside and all that goes with that...From the first intense waves of pleasure when he penetrates, right upto the feeling of a guy coming hard inside, his cock throbbing deep as he orgasms.
Returning briefly to the 'bi-curious' bit...The most satisfying of orgasms for me are achieved by both penetration and clitoral stimulation, all of which a woman can do. But the penetration just isn't the same with a vibe or dildo, finger or anything else.
There just is no substitute for a hard cock:)


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