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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Lynda and Dell, Part III...

Finding 'Face'...
Continuing with my journey into the unknown...
A gorgeous guy I met in Evolution in Cardiff Bay introduced me to ''. He came home after 'Time Flies' one Sunday morning with me and a mate.
We were having a nice chill 'n chat when he noticed my PC and asked casually if we'd like to see some pics of his cock!
I nearly choked!
My mate didn't even hear him, she was so 'off-it'...
The two of us went over to my PC and after signing-on to AOL (no mean feat when you're flying:), he logged onto his page on 'face-pic'.
It's predominantly a friendship/contact site. The idea is that you post a profile with pictures and then members search and message each other. There's a section on your profile to add 'adult' pics if you want to, but other members have to pay to view these...
Anyway, back to the page:)
I read his profile and looked at his regular pics, then he asked if I wanted to see his adult ones...Of course, I couldn't be rude and refuse, the poor guy was sitting next to me. As he'd accessed his own page, the pics could be viewed for free...
OMG! Here was I sitting next to this stunning young guy and looking at nude pics of him on my PC!
Looking back now, it was one of the most 'in my face' come-ons I've ever had, the poor guy was handing himself to me on a plate...And all I could do was goggle at those pics and think to myself 'no-way hun':(
I must have offended him with my silent refusal 'cos he was a little quiet for the remainder of the time he was here. But he did put his Yahoo ID on my Yahoo Messenger (I still chat to him occasionally via Yahoo and MSN and he's since sent me more 'artistic' pics, but we've not met up again since, even though we've talked about it and he keeps saying how much into older women he is).
When I went up to clean my teeth and change into my PJs, he followed me to the bathroom...couldn't have hinted any harder, poor lad:(
I thought about joining face-pic for a few weeks and eventually posted a profile and some pics. I had a very good response, loads of messages, even more when I posted a few pics of me in my undies on the adult section...I only reply to messages sent, not initiate contact. There's no need 'cos I get so many messages from guys. Had over 20,000 views on my profile so far...
I've had an even better response from joining a few weeks later...Over 65,000 views and thousands of messages! has got to be my favourite site:)
I chat to loads of different guys from all walks of life and some from all over the world. Guys aged between 20 and 25 are by far the largest group that message me, most of them with dirty suggestions of nude pics and camming!
However, I chat to loads and have met the odd one that are really genuinely nice, interesting people. I'm not at all shallow, but a sizeable proportion of them are really good looking as well, which makes the experience very pleasant on the whole:)
Whenever I chat to the guy that introduced me to FP though, I feel quite a bit of regret and could kick myself for passing that up!


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