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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Grumpy Mail...

What is about some people?

Lots of them, to tell the truth...

They get all shitty and ratty if you don't chat to them constantly.

I use my PC a lot, and use instant messaging all the time, but as soon as I put up a busy or away message, for whatever reason, I get 'grumpy mail'...:(

I use MSN, Yahoo and AOL instant messengers, thier e-mail services as well, and also belong to a number of sites on which you can receive and reply to e-mail type messages.

Now, with the best will in the world (and all the time) you can't possibly be expected to reply to everything instantly.

We all have things to do to make life run ticking happily along. Some wouldn't think so though.

I am a lot annoyed now by certain people taking offence if I don't reply to them instantly. Have even gone as far as to put up custom messages when I'm busy. I never ignore anyone on-line and will always give a personal explanation if I can, but isn't always practical or possible to do so...'Specially if you're not even at home...

I'm now so fed up with 'grumpy mail' that I tend to tell new contacts that I'm not always available and explain why I may not chat in advance...

Here, for those who still haven't grasped it is a definitive key as to why I may not chat, return mail or answer your message immediately...

1. My busy message on MSN:- babybear3333 - Busy bear...Grrr!

2. My busy message on Yahoo:- Same as MSN.

3. Various busy/away/down the shops messages on AOL:- all mean that I'm busy or not at my computer.

What do I get though all the time? Grumpy messages from people complaining that if I don't want to chat to them I should just say so.

What have I told them time and time again? I'm busy sorry. I have a life. Not going to stop it just to chat to someone who throws a fit cos I don't answer them within a micro second of them sending a message. Sometimes I forget as well, if I'm busy.

So, what 's the worst thing someone can do? Send 'grumpy mail'...It'll be answered in a swift and scathing manner, cos I aint putting up with it.

I wait and so should you;)


  • At 2:54 PM, Blogger SN said…


    what she said.

  • At 3:04 PM, Blogger babybear3333 said…

    Thanks for your support on this issue SN:) hehe...Have been quite the bitch about it lately...Only problem is, I don't carry off being a bitch too well...Anyone out there with any suggestions on how to be a BITCH, please let me know...


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