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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Very Bad Timing...:(

As usual, my timing could not be worse had I sat down and planned, with great attention to fine detail, the worst thing that I could do last weekend:(
I'll be quick on this one 'cos I'm trying to enlist help from various people to do the things I would normally have done on my own, for me, without asking anyone else...
I had a phonecall last Friday asking me to go view a house.
I've sold mine, may have mentioned it, and have been frantically searching for somewhere to move to so as not to lose the sale.
Simple enough, you may think, but oh no, what do I go and do?
Dislocate my shoulder!
I managed to view the new house (it's lovely btw) and decided to take it, got given the keys and told the same day that my buyers want to complete on the 26th!
Not only am I in a lot of pain but I have to arrange some painting at the new house and a complete move to be finished by the 26th:(
It will be done, but is going to hurt, both physically and my pride by having to ask for so much help:(


  • At 1:27 PM, Blogger SN said…

    wow...that is quick....good luck.


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