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Tuesday, November 30, 2004



Enough screaming?



There, that's better:)

What's all the screaming about? Moving, that's what!

Has been a nightmare, and then some, from start to finish (and it aint finished yet cos I've now got a houseful of stuff piled up in various rooms and can't find anything).

Was a headache finding a new house and then, cos it was such short notice, a logistical nightmare getting the new one decorated and flooring put down then organising the move to the new house...

Ever tried moving from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bed? Doesn't go! Not nearly:( Had to be so ruthless and more:(

One thing I couldn't bear to part with was my pine Welsh dresser. It wont actually fit anywhere so I got it in a big walk-in cupboard where no-one can see it, but, no worries, I know it's there:)

Another thing that I found very hard to comprehend is the utter incompetance of utility and service companies.

My new house has pre-payment meters for gas and electricity. The provider for both utilities is the same company. No problem, you'd think? Wrong! They managed to get me electricity tokens without too much trouble, but the gas was another story entirely...

Freeze my ass off? You bet! They had a week and half notice of me moving to the new house and they still couldn't manage a gas card. They did send the first one by recorded delivery but forgot tomention this, and, of couse, the Post Office returned it to them promptly:( I requested another and they said it aould be here by Monday, which was a bit late as I starting the move on Saturday. They then gave me Transco's emergency number in case I needed heating (are they totally insane? Of course I needed heating! It's been below freezing here all weekend). Anyway, Emily and I froze on Sunday night and yesterday morning. A Transco engineer came yesterday afternoon and put 2 quid in the meter! 2 quid! How far does that go when the house hasn't been heated in weeks and you also need hot water? Not far, I can tell you! Got the card this morning though and put money in the bloody meter.

I need to wait til after Christmas to get them taken and in the meantime have to pay premium prices for my gas and electricity...

The phone was just as bad. BT need A few basic lessons in how to connect a phone line! Mine was sposed to be working and the number was ringing when dialled but was dead as a dodo at the new house...Rang them this morning and they actually said they would send an engineer out today! Was totally shocked. Good as her word, an engineer rang me within the hour to say he was calling. Turns out the engineer at the exchange had connected my line to the wrong line there! Is working now though, so not too bad. Was envisaging total internet withdrawal:( Was very

I'm now going to give a very big thank you to everyone that's helped with The Big House Move:) Laura, Nathan, Kerry, Lynne, Dad, Natalie, Jo, Arlene and Emily.


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