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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Mices and Mousemats...

Mices, optical mices and the expensive Dell mousemat...

Must be cos the PC cost 1200 quid and the rest of it's an expensive pile of useless junk...

I have to get a new mouse mat, cos the Dell one's less than useless.

Is one of those mats that you can't use with an optical mouse, as I found out when my mouse broke (stopped working properly and Lynda jumped up and down on it in temper) and I had to borrow a spare from my baby brother.

I ended up having to use a piece of cardbord:( Very stylish with my sexy PC!

I then bought a cordless mouse cos the one in between got chewed by the kittens.

Unfortunately, I seem to have a problem in that any mouse that comes into contact with me/my PC has a slightly longer life-expectancy than that of a gnat.

I have, to date gone through 4 mice already but only actually intentionally killed 1.

My PC is only 8 months old and came with a very expensive and comprehensive (lol) warranty which does not cover mouse murder:(


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