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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Fluffy, Pink and Cute!!!!!?????


Those words conjeur-up in my imagination a tiny, slim blonde, wearing white jeans, a pink angora sweater with flowing golden locks and a 'dumb' expression! Other images would include an air of helplessness, wide puppy-dog eyes and that certain confidence only true dumb-blondes aquire - if you exert complete confidence in the fact that guys just can't resist all/a selection of the aforementioned.

It has come to my attention of late, that a worrying number of guys are starting to treat me as if I'm a helpless, dumb blonde!

Let me now and forever dispel that myth! I am NOT blonde, I'm strawberry blonde:) There is a big difference...Strawberry blonde is halfway between blonde and ginger. Ok, I admit, I have had a few blonde streaks added recently, but it doesn't make me blonde!

Also, for the most part anyway, I am VERY capable. The only limitations I accept in my capabilities are physical strength and knowledge. In most cases knowledge can be, and frequently is, gained.

So, guys, appearances can be deceiving...I may be small in stature, strawberry blonde, and yes, I do have this worrying habit of buying pink clothes at the mo...But, I AINT CUTE! Cute is for kittens, puppies and true dumb blondes...;)



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