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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Treat Me Like A Lady!

Well guys, I'm 36 years old and not once (tell a little lie, one of my male friends did when my latest BF cruely dumped me, but I wouldn't have thought that really counted), have any one of you lot treated me like a Lady!
Seriously, is it all a complete myth? Or do you all just take what you can get?
This Lady isn't taking anymore nonsense from you lot!
This Lady would rather spend the rest of her days alone!
I am NOT an unpaid whore! And I'm extremly fed up of having my good nature/generosity taken advantage of!
Don't get me wrong here, I'm prepared to meet you halfway, always have done (and then some!), but stop taking the PISS!
From my many years of experience and my love of observing human interaction, I know it's no myth. I've whitnessed it first-hand on countless occassions and secretly longed for it myself.
What I didn't realise until now though was, If you're an intelligent, articulate woman, with a genorous and warm personality, you've got NO chance of being treated like a Lady!
On the other hand, if you're a shallow, selfish, greedy bitch, you guys seem to go WAY out of your way to literally fall over yourselves to satisfy those mean and vain impulses!
Enjoy the monsters you create guys, 'cos us Ladies really won't hang around!
A BIG thank you to the mate who did 'treat me like a Lady' (you know who you are). When I was feeling very down 'cos of my recent BF 'trouble', he took me out for drinks, and then for a lovely meal. Paid for most of it (he would only let me pay for a few drinks) and then sat up most of the night talking to me and making me feel 'special'. He even put me up at his house and made me feel safe and at home:)...And what did he want in return? Nothing! Only my friendship and to 'make a mate happy':) Is a nice refreshing change:) There is a WIP (work in progress for all you smutty minded people;) for ya hun, but it's not quite finished yet:)


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