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Monday, September 13, 2004


(or, to those of us ‘in the know’, Rampant Rabbit Deluxe!)

Never been a big fan of vibrators, personally. Prefer the real thing myself. Is one of the few things the ‘male of the species’(and, I use that term loosely, of course) is useful for!
Anyway, back to the ‘Rabbit’...All you girlies out there who have one will know EXACTLY what I’m talking about...:)
Was tempted to get one when I heard about them from various mates, when the earlier model was out, the ordinary Rampant Rabbit...Was shocked and horrified that anyone would pay that much for a vibrator! Was assured though that it would be the best £30 I ever spent!
So, at a mate’s Anne Summers' party, I decided to check them out...Was amazed by the variety of battery operated ‘friends’ and was seriously impressed with the Rampant Rabbit...’But’, said the party planner, ‘if you pay a few pounds more, you don’t have to buy so many batteries and you can have the latest version, the Rampant Rabbit Deluxe!’ She took it out of it’s big pink box, and WOW, was it something!(And, to tell you the truth, was better looking than it’s predecessor). I ordered one on the spot, paid cash and demanded to know when I would get hold of my very own...
Was supposed to be back in about 3/4 days...I couldn’t wait...Was all excited, like a big kid.
Anyway, for some unknown reason the order wasn’t correct, and, meanwhile, one of my other mates had been to another party and ordered one...
Her’s came before mineL and within minutes of her getting it home, she phoned me and warned ‘whatever you do, when you get yours, DON’T put it on full speed!’
In the end, I had to go to the store in Newport to get mine. Am not saying if I’ve had it on full speed:)


  • At 6:42 PM, Blogger Tyrone Vitoff said…

    MY GAWD! That is awesome. I have no witty things to say, or offensive comments to make, other than, that is awesome. Women like you will end up winning the War on Terror, for sure. They should just airlift a full battalion of girls such as yourself, armed only with vibrators right into Baghdad to stop all this nonsense, and bring peace to the world. You truly vibrate to the beat of a different hummer. Vv-vv-vv-v-v-vvvv-ibrate away, girlfriend!

  • At 10:56 PM, Blogger babybear3333 said…

    I totally agree hun:) But, unfortunately, our respective governments don't share our strategic solutions!

  • At 3:08 AM, Blogger Texas Gurl said…

    i got my rabbit a couple of years ago when the girls from 'sex and the city' got their's. thought if even charlotte got one, then i must too. i was actually kind of scared of it at first. but through much support and encouragement from my then guy, i finally worked up the nerve to try it. must say the little wiggly ears were the best thing about it. yeah, you wanna start out at a low speed and not just crank up all the power at once. anyway, i got one with just cute little vibrating ears...not scary at all...uummm...quite nice...


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