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Monday, September 13, 2004

Nasty Girls?

This message was sent to me on 18th August, 2004 from a guy who's a member of 'Faceparty'! Was sickened and horrified when the contents had sunk in...
Am getting a little worried because I've had quite a few guys 'treating' me in this way recently:( You know who you are!!!!!

I'm sorta sick of well-behaved girls, flowerey dresses and chatting about nothing in particular. I decided instead to try the American girls who are on Faceparty. Whilst they are fun they can't, for me , match up to UK babes! What I'm looking for tho' is what might be called in America 'a nasty girl1! It's got nothing to do with looks or personality, it's nasty with regards to attitudes to sex. I mean, for example, 'a nasty girl' won't be content to just be sucking a nice, fat, juicy cock, oh no, she's gotta spit on it, get it all slippery and glistening with siliva and goo and then wank it real inconsideratly whilst also coming out with the filthyest language and thoughts! Yes, that's what I'm after a nice, horny 'nasty girl'. We'll watch porn via my cam and chat lots too! If you're up for that and think you fit the bill, or could be coaxed into doing so, then why not be brave and add me to msn messenger now? I'd love to see you there, you look interestingly naughty!
The guy's profile read like he was a well-educated, 'normal' guy...Until I read more closely...What I found was someone with his head stuck so far up his own ass he can't see what's obvious to anyone reading the message he sent, VERY kinky tastes and NO respect for women!
I don't need to add my own reply here...Let's just say I put him FIRMLY in his place...Like I have with the other guys who've tried this sort of thing with me:)
Well, people, I aint standing for it! HAVE put my foot down and would rather spend the rest of my life never going near another guy if this is the attitude that's prevailing at the moment!


  • At 6:37 PM, Blogger Tyrone Vitoff said…

    Oh relax, he's just blowing off steam. I'm sure he's a swell fella with a heart of gold. Sheeesh. Yer such a silly goose!

  • At 10:58 PM, Blogger babybear3333 said…

    Oh no I aint:( This message was from a guy I'd never 'chatted' with...And don't tell me American girls would put up with that kind of BS! lol


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