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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Don't Tell Me What To Do!

What gives anyone the right to tell me what to do? I'll tell ya, NOTHING!
Incase it's escaped anyones notice, I'm 36! I mostly cope really well with even the most difficult and upsetting situations...
Have had just about enough of people (including friends, family and people I chat to on-line) having a go at me lately!
Why? you ask...
A number of reasons, mainly though because I appear to be spending too much time on-line chatting to do any real work or domestic stuff!
Had a little heated exchange with a guy I chat to on Yahoo this morning. He reckoned it's no wonder I've not got time to do anything cos I'm chatting on-line 24/7! I wish! Had to put him in his place and explain in simple, easy to understand phrases, that I work, write, am a full time Mum during the week, am still looking for a house and have the small matter of trying to get the Police to deal with the baseball wielding nutter who attacked me on Sunday morning!
I wish my life was as 'boring' as he implied...I'd have none of the above to worry about and wouldn't be seeking help from my doctor to deal with the unusual ammounts of stress I find myself coping badly with at the mo:(
My family are just as bad. They have this 'inbuilt' need to criticise everything I do and the way that I do it!
Then, I get a 'stroppy' message from a guy I went for a drink with recently. 'Cos I've not had time to reply to a txt he sent, he had a lovely little tantrum:( I did, however send him a message last night explaining why I hadn't been in contact. But no, that wasn't good enough! He had to go that extra step and 'throw his toys out of the pram'!
Argh!!!!!! Ican't be bothered with all this crap!
If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't bother!
Leave me get on with my problems.
I'm doing the best I can.
When I come out the other side, I'll deal with you lot and put you firmly in your place!
May be worth adding here that, because I always cope, or appear to cope with everything life throws at me, people close to me run for cover if they see me not coping:(


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