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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Excessive Use Of Recreational Substances...

During the pursuit of a great time, it is useful to remember the following:

1. If you have a great time on Friday night/Saturday morning, don't be greedy. Be grateful. Being 'off-it' in your local, pulling a nice shagable guy(preferably someone you've sampled earlier), chatting, then having a great intimate party with lots of mind blowing sex(due to use of above mentioned substances) is a once a weekend experience.
2. If you expect similar the following evening, you're sadly mistaken. If you try to force the issue, the results can vary from slightly disappointing to catastrophic.
3. The absence of 'the shagable guy' from point 1 is sure to disappoint.
4. The abscence of ANY shaggable guy is deffinately 'not on'!
5. If, foolishly, you've already indulged in said substances...Go clubbing. It offers the possibility of pulling, wears you out and doesn't waste the afore mentioned substances...:)
(I have, recently, however, managed to achieve the 'similar the following evening' from point 2, but I expect this will be a once in a lifetime event. Was VERY enjoyable:).


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