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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

***** *****, You Sick, Sad Bitch...

One of the worst possible things you could ever do to spite a woman!
Cut her hair!!!
What sort of sick, sad bastard does that???
I'll tell you...
A person so eaten up with thier own badness that they have to hurt someone else in an horrendous way...
Disfigure, harm, emmotionally distress them to supposedly make thier own self feel more worthy...
But does it?
Does it fuck!!!
All it does is hurt someone so bad that they cant even look in the mirror, can't even wash thier hair without being constantly reminded of what that sick, stupid, jealous bastard did... :(
And what is she doing now? And where is she? Who cares!!!
I know she'll rot in hell for what she did to me :)


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