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Monday, July 25, 2005


As I was in Pontypridd shopping with the girls I got a call on my mobile from school saying that my daughter had had a minor 'accident'...

What actually happened was that some little horror had thrown a large stone at her head and given her a cut and a nasty bump.

The receptionist assured me that she was being taken care of by a trained first-aider and I arranged to go pick her up ASAP.

When I arrived at the school all was fine, appart from the fact that they didn't know which child had caused the injury.

It was just after lunch time by then so I took her home and school advised me not to send her the following day either as they only had a half day as it's end of Summer term.

As soon as we got in the car Emily started asking about going to a BBQ at her local youth club that evening.

I was a bit wary 'cos she had a slight headache, but in the end agreed as long as she took her mobile phone and made sure it was switched on.

I gave her money for drinks 'cos it was fairly hot and she doesn't like coming home for them and made her promise to come home or call me if she felt ill...

Nearly 6 hours later I was still frantically trying to ring her!!!

I'd been everywhere looking for her, but no sign...

Each child I asked said they hadn't seen her or that they'd seen her much earlier in the local park...


Emily's home time on any night is 9 PM, so I was hoping that she would come in on time (although she frequently comes in a bit late).

9 PM came and went and I was just about to call the local police when in she strolls, not a care in the world or at all bothered that I'd been worried sick!!!

Her excuse for her phone being off? Battery ran out!!! But she knew this as she was promising to keep it on!!!

And the reason I couldn't find her? She'd told her friends not to tell me where she was!!!

She was actually at the BBQ, which for her is unusual as she doesn't usually stay at the club for long...

The following day though taught her a bit of a lesson because she had a bad headache and wasn't very well at my ex's where she spends the weekend.

She's fine now, but I'm dreading the next 6 weeks if the start of the Summer break is anything to go by...


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