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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Awesome Weekend :)

What can I say?

Awesome is the only word that comes even close :)

After a 'not great' week most of last week, a group of me and mates went to 'Bionic' at The Black Lion in Aberdare because we missed it at Evolution at the beginning of the month.

Now, I'm a huge fan of Bionic but only been to Evolution in Cardiff Bay when it's on there.

Is awesome at Evo' 'cos the venue is great and the music is my prefered hard house/trance.

But, to be fair, appart from the small venue and lack of decent air-con, it lived-up to it's 'big-bro' event at Evolution :)

Then, to make the weekend go with a 'bang' we went to Escape in Swansea where Dave Pearce was appearing.

I've been at Escape when Dave's been there a few times and knew that it was going to be a good night anyway, but what made it 'awesome' was a certain 'tune' - Solar Stone - Severn Cities :)

Was so awesome 'cos one of my clubbing mates was down for the weekend and this particular track is a favourite of both of us :)

And, of course, Dave Pearce played a brilliant set and I danced my ass off most of the night!!!

Not bad for an ageing old git ;)

I'll be seeing you all at Evo on 5th August for Bionic ;)


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