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Monday, July 11, 2005

Mass Murder!!!

Today the police released the name of the first identified murdered victim - Susan Levy, a mother of two and beloved wife...

Shortly after they released the name of the next identified murdered soul - Gladys Wundowa aged just 52...

Mass murder will NEVER be justified, terrorist actions cannot be either.

What can any extremist group expect to achieve by murdering a 53 year old mother and wife who was simply travelling to work in London? And a 52 year old woman who, by chance, as all the other victims, was on the wrong train or bus at the wrong time...

The only things thier purely evil act will gain them are hatred, loathing and a grim determination from the British people that they be hunted down and brought to justice for thier terrible crimes.

The death toll has risen to 52!!!

52 innocent souls who were unlucky enough to be on the 3 tube trains and bus that were bombed last Thursday morning in what is unfolding into a living nightmare for a whole nation.

Again and for a very long time to come, my thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this attrocity, thier famillies, friends and all the other people who have had to deal with this abhorant, evil act.


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