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Thursday, June 16, 2005


And for my first attempt at my news inspired postings we have AOL news to thank and thier little snippet about Becks and Snoop Dogg texting each other (AOL news, 16/06/05)

Ah well, it caught my eye and I got a bit of an issue with texting anyway :)

I don't like text messages, never have, maybe I will.

Not because of the text format itself, but because, ever since I succumed to peer pressure to aquire my first mobile, I've had problems with it!!!


Because I'm dyslexic, simple as.

Initially, I couldn't get my head round predictive texting and no amount of trying or persuding could make me understand that it could possibly work. I mean you type in words and the bloody phone guesses what your saying??? How can it do that??? It's a mobile phone!!!

I typed in stuff and the things it was coming up with were ridiculous, confusing and sometimes downright scarey!!!

Secondly, the qwerty keyboard was enough of a 'headfull' to learn and then, to have to get my head round yet another text format was simply not being accepted by my 'ickle blonde head'

So, for the last 4 years, I've been very reluctant to use the medium, prefering instead to ring someone if they had the cheek to send me a text message!

Lately though, due mostly to financial considerations, I've had to have a little re-think about it all.

I sat down one evening, a bit more relaxed on a few glasses of wine and decided to give it a go...


I now offer my sincere appologies to anyone I've ever offended when I've refused help to get to grips with it...

It's easy! even I can manage it with the minimum of fuss! All it took was about half an hour trying various different things with it, and there I go, can do :) I think it's amazing that a little phone can miraculously 'predict' mostly what I want to type :) Watching the words come up with only minor adjustment is fascinating :)

Is yet another example of my frequently annoying habbit to refuse to try something 'cos of my inability to grasp it/understand it first time...

When will I learn???

Soon hopefully, will save me a lot of money ;)

...And back to Mr Beckham and his new friendship with Snoop Dogg...

I do hope that they aren't both annoying thier respective company when they text as I have been today with my mates.

'Cos it's relatively new to me and I'm finding it a novelty, my phone keeps making wierd and wonderful noises and 'cos they're not used to me doing anything other than talk on the phone it's a bit unsettling for them...lmfao :)


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