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Monday, July 04, 2005


The biggest global event we have ever whitnessed.

A grande-scale effort to influence the decisions of world leaders to eradicate poverty, starvation and all that comes with that...

9 concerts, millions of live spectators and billions of people watching around the world...

The predominant and harrowing message?


I remember vividly watching the concerts almost exactly 20 years previously and am sitting here wondering today why poverty still exists.

Naive, maybe, disappointed, yes!!!

We had the opportunity to make right one of this planet's greatest needless tradgedies 20 years ago and we didn't!!!

Let's hope for Africa's sake that we get it right this time because they have suffered enough, way too much, we must put an end to it now!!!

8 of the world's most powerful men can change the future for the poorest nations.

This shouldn't be a 'can do' but a 'must do'!!! We shouldn't be watching and re-doing all this again 20 years after the fact!!!

It should have been done and poverty, disease, starvation etc. should be a horrific memory for the global community, never to be repeated.

But it isn't, and here we are again:(

We are an interdependant community and there is more than enough for everyone to live comfortably on this Earth, no need for poverty and starvation if we just share. It is a lifetime lesson that we should all have already learned and acted on.

The legacy from all this should be that this generation will be 'great' as Nelson Mandela asked, and that we finally take the lesson seriously and put right the wrongs of previous generations.


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