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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Welcome to The Jungle... jungle, that is, the one I've been trying to chop down!!!

Spent most of yesterday fighting what seemed, initially to be a losing battle against the weeds that have taken over my back garden.

For the size of house, I'm lucky and have got a nice sized garden, the bottom part, nearest the house, is like a yard and is lovely and shaded for my patio furniture and BBQ. The upper part, reached by steps is supposed to be lawn...pmsl...More like weed central!!!

A few weeks ago I cleaned up the yard part and my furniture but, due to rainy weather decided to postpone tackling the upper part.

Well, after all the nice weather we've had this week I couldn't really put it off any longer. It was as dry as it was going to get, and I noticed we had rain forecast for today.

Off out into the jungle I went armed with a strimmer and some bin would have been a better idea but I don't think my neighbours would agree.

My strimmer is a good one and comes with ordinary and heavy duty cutting stuff. I started off trying the ordinary stuff but it was completely hopeless as it kept getting tangled in the weeds. Changed over to the heavy duty stuff and was much better, although it was wearing pretty quickly. I managed to do about half of it before I ran out of the heavy duty cutting line.

So off I goes to Focus to get some more...Surprise, surprise, they didn't have any left and wouldn't be getting another delivery til today, which is too late as it's bloody wet!!! The nice shop assistant did, however, advise me where to look for some.

A little trip to Aberdare town centre, easy and quick thinks me, no way ;) The first shop I tried only had heavy duty stuff for petrol mowers, the market was the same, and Argos, where I bought the strimmer, doesn't sell it at all!!! How 'helpful' is that???

Upto this point I was doing really well and staying focused on the job in hand (appart from getting some scented BBQ candles)...

Then I noticed New Look...I thought I may as well have a browse, so in goes me...Fatal! What did I see as soon as I stepped inside??? A dress!!! Now, I'm not a 'dress' girl usually but this one was really nice and summery, and I thought it wouldn't do any harm to try it on...But it looked so nice on, I couldn't bear not to get it...And how did I justify buying it? I'm going upto Nottingham today for the weekend, that's how. Flimsy excuse. But hey, an excuse ;)

Back to the garden...I did really well, I think, by clearing most of the garden and weeds. My arms didn't get off lightly though, must have dozens of bloody itchy, sore bites!!! Revenge for destroying the insects paradise that was my garden!!!


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