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Monday, July 11, 2005

Comet Pot-shots...


Pot-shots at comets...

I'm not sure how to tackle this subject as it does raise inumerable questions as to why?

I mean, come on, if scientists really think that these huge inter-steller snow-balls did fill our oceans with water, why would they want to possibly, in theory anyway, deprive another world of this?

My own personal opinion on the subject is that scientists do seem to be acting like little boys shooting anything that moves just to see what happens!!!

Just think, there could be a planet just like ours, ripe for life waiting out there somewhere in the depths of space that has now, for the 'satisfaction' of finding out a few 'facts', that might deprived of the chance of life that our world was given millenia ago.

What would have happened if some curious race far away on another planet decided to experiment with the comets that may have deposited water on our Earth had made these comets divert from their natural course? We wouldn't be here now!!!

Sobering thought isn't it?

And an enormous argument for observation based science rather than intervening and tampering with things we know nothing about!!!

'Inspired' by an AOL news article 06/07/05.


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