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Monday, November 03, 2014

The real UK today?

So low from the real spirit of the ghost that was, breifly, the real UK...

With thanks to Richard EJ who posted this on FB on 1 November (apologies for posting late but fingers not doing well at the moment):

In 'true' MSM style...

The 'not good enough for toilet paper' should be 'so proud' that even a 'local rag' can make a horrifically tragic story about a severely disabled (any person, even) woman starving in the UK in the 21st century in to yet another kick in the face for those of us 'living' in '1984' under this nightmare of a CONDEM government!

Indeed, this nightmare of all politicians allowing even thoughts of this kind of behaviour... Even real fecking criminals get treated better!!!

Fecking wiseup UKDOTCON!!!

(costs at least £35,000 per year to keep even minimum risk prisoners in the lap of luxury in the UK)


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