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Friday, October 10, 2014


NHS ‘Queue Jumping’

A random but very common example of the NHS today (has been getting worse, especially under the CONDEMS since May 2010 in case you were not aware)

Mrs Jones (a basic example of you, yours or I), NHS v Private

Watching 'QT' is probably not the best way for me to tackle such an emotive subject seeing in some quarters I am viewed as a cold hearted calculated journalist…

This precisely is my reason in that I am no longer bound by such and haven’t been for a long time J

Patients with any money (often begged, borrowed and offered from concerned relatives and friends) including those with policies, have always 'jumped the queue’...

Even if they then opt. to stay within the NHS (after jumping the queue, they are at the top because the consultant can, and always does that because he is in charge of his waiting lists)...

At that point the system becomes more unfair in that ‘Little Mrs Jones’ has to wait at least two years or more for a joint replacement but her neighbour who has a policy can afford his initial appointment and choose NHS or private care. Meanwhile 'Little Mrs Jones' has to endure excruciating pain and discomfort, lasting damage to her mobility as do the overwhelming majority of UK NHS patients with no money…

Now tell me which is right or wrong?


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