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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Harvey Nics or Harvey kicks?

Please view the link (pics and article) first:  (Don't worry if the link disappears 'cos I've got screen shots of it).

This is my comment:

"This advert is showing, again, what is sick in society today. It isn't funny to make adverts that ridicule disabled people, and if you don't know what disability this advert is exploiting then you need serious help! I for one will be reporting this to the ASA in the strongest possible terms and advising other disabled groups to do the same."

Words are inadequate to describe how I and I bet thousands of other disabled people feel like after our relentless bashing in the media. How dare a department store use this to hit us more...

PS: The Huff Post won't let me post a comment!


  • At 7:01 PM, Blogger Lynda Phillips said…

    Got email confirmation of my complaint to the ASA so just waiting... PLEASE report it if you find it offensive to yourself and/or disabled people...


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