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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Phoned my doctor's surgery today 'cos I need an urgent home visit to re assess my pain relief but cannot be alone because I'm classed as a vulnerable adult due to my disabilities and STM issues. The answer given: arrange a day with my social worker, call the surgery then it will be determined if he can visit or not and what time etc... Do these people actually know what anal retards many social workers are???

I could queue up on the banks of the river Styx without a coin to pay Charon and get an appointment with Hades himself quicker!!!

I get the 'sleep a lot' but a lot at inconvenient times and have been known to doze off/have a blackout/mini seizure in front of various health professionals even though they know my history... 

Having that and then insomnia as a 'nice' lil' contrast is soooooo not fair :( 

I believe that the good kind of sleep is our bod's way of telling us we need to rest and heal. 

If I can't get to sleep at a nap time I try and think through nice memories and then, at least, I'm resting but also having a look back through the enjoyable pages of my 


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