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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reply to a school friend...

In short: got meningitis and hypothermia in January 2010; had a cardiac arrest as doctors didn't know I was so ill; spent five weeks, in a coma, in intensive care in PCH (they were angels); on dialysis with major organ failure; pneumonia; rhabdomyolysis; two different kinds of brain injury (even though we both know I'm mental enough anyway lol...).

 HDU until medically well enough to move to Aberdare for intensive physical rehabilitation, even walking, dressing cutting my bloody food etc...

Stubborn bitch me wasn't going down without a fight and it was horrible watching Emily go through all that (17 at the time).

Considering what the original diagnosis and prognosis were I've annoyed quite a lot of people by not ceasing to be an oxygen thief lol...

Seriously, I've had, mostly, the best care post brain injury and stroke that I could have had. Still more to go and I aint giving up.

Next challenge is Rookwood hospital in Cardiff where they're geared up to deal with both brain injuries, strokes and any other mental fallout from there; plus practical advice and help finishing getting my house fully adapted and a personalized wheelchair.

Wonder if you can guess how long it's taken me to accept needing a wheelchair :|

I didn't want to post this on an open page on a social networking site because a few people (who shall remain nameless) have tried to use it against me by saying/posting horrible things... Thanks for getting back in touch *hugs* 'n love to you and


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