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Monday, May 14, 2012

My response to this from parentdish: Dragons' Den star Hilary Devey was raped at just 12 years old

I went through the awful way the police deal with women...

The rape was reported at 7.30 am. I was sleeping at a so called  friend's house after an afternoon drink which led to a party...

The guy that did it tried to 'get off' with my friend, even getting in to bed with her naked! I was sleeping in her son's room with PJs and a dressing gown on... Next thing I know I'm waking to being touched by a man who then went on to pull my PJ shorts off while doing 'things' with his fingers... As soon as I was fully awake I fought back and screamed; kicking and hitting him as hard as I could to get him off me...

Luckily he stopped because there was another guy sleeping down stairs and I was screaming, shouting and calling for help...

The rapist ran downstairs and I waited a few minutes as I could hear him talking to the other guy and asking him what was wrong. The rapist realised he had to get out of the house and when I came downstairs he was clothed and I screamed at him to get out. He did but told the other guy that I was 'asking for it' the previous evening 'cos I was flirting with the other guy... AT NO TIME DID I SHOW ANY INTEREST TO THE RAPIST; IN FACT I TURNED HIM DOWN POLITELY ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS!!!

My clothes had got wet the night before because a group of us had a water fight... I found them folded on the floor with a note on top say to phone the 'friend' as soon as I saw the note. I phoned her in hysterics so she hung upon me. The other guy was fully awake by this time and asked what was going on, so I told him briefly and he wanted to go after the rapist. I said no, please don't leave me.

By this time my 'friend' had returned to the house and explained that she had gone to her boyfriend's house to get away from the rapist...  She kept saying she was sorry that she left me but she thought at the time that it was safe because the other guy was downstairs...

To not bore you any more I'll condense the events following; the police went through some of their procedures which took until after 4 pm being taken to a specialist rape suite where the police and the medical professionals coked up everything, even saying that he hadn't raped me... They didn't do any internal DNA tests because they said he hadn't stuck his c*** in me! Exscuse me but it's very possible to get DNA from a rough fingering. He was so rough he me me bleed!!!

They questioned me on numerous occasions as well as a few other people... Their  attitude towards me in the beginning was very good but it soon turned in to a 'my word against his' situation and some evil persons said that I was 'asking for it'! How do they know? They weren't in the bedroom when the guy w

The worst cock up the police made was to refuse to interview my 'friend' because she'd failed to turn up or be at home for several occasions...

CPS threw the case out and didn't even bother to comment on the spectacularly gross negligence of the police!!!


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