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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Female circumcision...

During the birth of my daughter some 19 years ago, I was unlucky enough to experience genital mutilation. 

A difficult birth, a useless midwife (she cut me across the muscle), and an hour and a half wait to get stitched properly because the midwife was too ashamed to look me in face, drew my attention to this subject and I became a member of what was called the 'epesiotomy support group'. 

After the tedious, tearful and laborious rounds of consultants, operations and bloomin' misery, I discovered that, although not as horrific as these descriptions, I had been mutilated by a midwife... 

I couldn't have any more children and went through 12 procedures to get as close to normal as I'm ever going to get. I have virtually no perineum left and suffer extreme pain as a result of this... 

Think before you write ;) 

Or look at it this way guys - if someone cut you with a pair of scissors from the base of your penis to your ass how would you like it?

I did say my piece on national television 15 years ago as an invited guest on two television programmes... Still have them on video...


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