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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A response to a post on 'A Latent Existence'

Take a look at this, is really good writing:

******* ********!! 

Do they seriously think that we'd rather be stuck in our situations, in poverty, stigmatised and even subjected to hate crimes??? They're 'avin' an f'ing laugh! My last full time job was £40,000 net basic PA, often much more... 

My income; now that I'm severely physically and mentally disabled due to an horrific series of life threatening diseases and illnesses; that I've paid for many times over in tax and NI is way below the poverty line... 

The media beast loves it's titbits on real benefit scroungers and fraudsters and delights in telling the public that we're all of the same... 

As a former journalist it makes me feel physically sick that the government and media are responsible for fuelling this hatred. 

Many, including myself, have compared what's happening to Nazi Germany and been boohooed for comparing such things, but the truth of the matter is this is where the Nazis started... 

To end, I have this to ask the British public "are you waiting for when they will come for you?"...


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