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Friday, April 13, 2012


DWP!!! They still haven't processed my renewal forms even though they promised, that because of the welfare rights officer being delayed filling them in, they would be treated as urgent...

Lies, f'ing lies and f'ing politicians! My DLA went up this week and runs out next week... So, from next week I will have approx. £65 a week to live on...

When the call centre drone eventually answered my call she asked for my date of birth, which, I gave even thinking at that point it should have been date of supposed death. My forms are at the bottom of a 'decision maker's' pile with no way of getting them processed any quicker unless I'm terminally ill.

I F'ING AM!!! I might not have a bloody date yet but hey, it don't matter to them...

So, from next week I'm losing all my DLA and the disability component of ESA. But 'don't worry' she said, 'we'll backdate your benefit'... Hey said I 'how am I going to pay my bills, buy food etc...?'

But I answered my own question before she could answer 'the dead don't need to eat'...


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