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Friday, March 30, 2012

Finally a full diagnosis

Been a bit quiet the last month but had a lot going on behind the scenes so to speak... Had the final full diagnosis almost three weeks ago and been taking it all in, explaining it to my daughter and other friends and relatives...

So here goes: Significant hypoxic brain injury due to multiple cardiac arrests January 2010, hypothermia, septicaemia/meningitis, pneumonia, hepatorenal syndrome, rhabdomyolysis, hypothyroidism, five week coma, thalamic Syndrome (Dejerine Roussy) and other numerous complications...

It was touch and go until my medical situation stabilised and even then the prognosis was pretty grim even if I came through all that the chances of me walking, talking and having most of my faculties intact were slim to non existent...

The staff in intensive care were amazing. High dependency though was not a good environment. Stuck in a room on my own terrified of what was happening did horrendous psychological damage which I could have done without on top of pre existing conditions... No one giving me straight answers saying that I'd been/still was 'very poorly'.

Luckily my kidneys and liver were recovering well and I'm left with no lasting damage with those. What I am left with is not being able to walk unaided, not being able to go anywhere alone, severe nerve, tissue and numerous other permanent damage and disabilities.

My neurologist and psychiatrist are working together with all other health professionals involved in caring for me and I've been referred to a specialist hospital in Cardiff that can help with a lot of the conditions. Adaptations to my home are almost complete.

Thank you everyone, family and friends who have supported me through these last two years, especially my lovely and brave daughter Emily, who was only 17 when this


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