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Saturday, March 31, 2012

...And some more information

I'm a stubborn bitch.

The reason it got so bad was that three months previously I broke my left leg just below my knee. Spent two months in a full leg cast stuck at home. Had the cast off just before Christmas but had to take things very carefully.

Bad weather affected my mobility and being in the house mostly, not eating properly all served to weaken my immune system. Just got really unlucky and caught a bug which, had I been fit, would probably been a nasty cold/chest infection...

I was feeling quite icky on the Thursday and not my usual self when my daughter and ex hubby came over for dinner on the Friday...

My ex hubby became very concerned on the Saturday afternoon after trying both my phones and email. He came over but couldn't get in because my keys were in the front door so he climbed over my six foot fence and could see me collapsed on the kitchen floor.

He called the police and ambulance. Police had to break in the house and I was rushed to hospital. Because I was so cold the hospital thought I was suffering from hypothermia, which was correct, but they were unaware that I had a very serious infection. Thankfully, the hypothermia slowed the infection down but as I was warming up the infection became very aggressive causing a cardiac arrest. The doctors didn't know how long I wasn't breathing but they did their very best and finally got me to intensive care and on life support. My heart and breathing settled down and during the course of the following hours they realised what had caused me to collapse etc. The rest is as above. Thank you for your kind wishes Amy... Sorry to bore anyone but I couldn't say more on it all until we had the full


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