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Monday, April 09, 2012


Bullies (however it's done)... Deserve no compassion (there is no excuse)... They know what they do... Anyone that has ever done any of those things can remove themselves from my page or blog because I do not want you anywhere near me or those I hold dear...

I really should explain the context in which I posted...

I'm speaking out for anyone who's bullied, but most of all our vulnerable people who are being victimised by the government feeding the mass media frenzied attack on sick/disabled/elderly and vulnerable people; portraying them as 'useless benefit scroungers'. The almost daily 'wheeling out of extreme cases' which paint a grotesque parody that the CONDEMS want the public to believe.

Most people have paid tax and NI all their working lives in the mistaken belief that if anything happened to them or their loved ones the state would at least provide basic needs such as health care and subsistence income, ie. a legal minimum amount a person/persons need to live on.

These rates of benefit bare no relation to what it actually costs for the basics such as food, gas, electricity, water rates, telephone (essential because there are no public telephones, or only in cities).

These things aren't even nearly covered by benefits. House contents insurance? Pets? Clothes? Toiletries? I could go on forever and then some, but you get the picture... I'm confident that most people that read this know the truth and if not, they won't mind me giving the


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