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Thursday, March 08, 2012


This post is my reaction to reading a post from 'the void':

Just worked out how much my care package from social services (two and a half hours per week! I get help with undressing, showering and dressing twice a week and one hour domestic help). Care from my daughter, who makes up the severe shortage because I cannot dress, undress and shower safely alone. FFS! even prisoners get a hot shower every day! If it wasn't for my daughter I'd be in the same clothes for three/four days!

My ex husband and friends very frequently have to stay overnight. I have a three bedroom house, one bedroom for me, one for my daughter and the other for another carer to use. My home has been adapted which cost the Welsh Assembly quite a few quid... But what the government and the often very nasty people I encounter do not realise that this allows me to live as independently as possible and saves the government NHS, and local authorities over £80,000 a year if I had to move to a nursing home specialising in my numerous conditions!!!

Sorry Mr Cameron that I got severely physically and mentally ill due to being in a coma for five weeks two years ago. If I was paranoid I'd think that your government would have allowed me to die because the prognosis during the time in the coma and for weeks afterwards was not good..

I won't bore you with too many details but lets say that the staff in Intensive care and afterwards gave me such wonderful care which, coupled with my determination, proved the doctors wrong. During the time I was in the coma my family were called to the hospital on numerous occasions , that's how ill I was...

My fears now are that the CONDEMS are stripping the NHS so badly that on a few occasions the doctors in Intensive care discussed taking me off life support with my family. Luckily, my family refused...Thank God Labour were still in power at the time because I'm pretty sure I would not have received the standard of care and possibly would have had life support withdrawn because it's very expensive to keep a coma patient alive.

Then spending three weeks after I woke properly from the coma and breathed for myself, got medically well enough to be transferred to a hospital specialising in dealing with teaching people to walk and addressing a long list of physical difficulties (I still can't cut my food or prepare a hot meal).

I've had a few questions from DWP asking about the times when my ex hubby has to care for me...

Sorry such a long post but we need to be collectively showing this immoral government the truth about our daily struggles and what taking away any amount of money from us would be a complete disaster. I've read that at least 31 people have committed suicide because of the terror they experienced at this inhumane treatment by a government that is supposed to help people, who through no fault of their own, are now in this perpetual, never ending spiral.

Echoes of ethnic cleansing come to mind, but surely the government would not even consider such abhorrent things in the 21st century, would they?


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