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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today we mourn for morality, empathy, understanding, tolerance, kindness, hope and love; all the best of the human condition... I know that most people reading this have all of the above but the CONDEMS are blatantly murdering all the good that is left...

I fear for their souls even as they do this because they are a race apart; they have no true concept, and if some of them do it's going to be even worse for them in the end. There is always a final price to pay, the ferryman his fee and we all will face whichever god(s) and our deeds, or lack of them, will be read out from the great books that tell of our lives and deeds. There is no hiding, it's all there, face it we must and pay the balance ;)

This is my response to the latest travesty in the House of Commons. They passed a vote on the 'bedroom tax' which, in theory, could see thousands of people losing their homes simply because they have a spare room. I have one for my daughter and another for my carers who frequently have to stay overnight which saves the government thousands each year. May the Lords give them hell when it returns to them...


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