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Sunday, March 04, 2012


‎44 is looming and I, personally, do not give a s**t. In my previous life, ie. previous to January 2010, I did, saw and experienced things most people could/wouldn't do/would only dream of... World travel (concord was f'ing amazing); living and working in so many places; the best and the worst of people; time to have a family and the most gorgeous daughter on earth; not to mention my ex hubby would be seriously rude...

It's taken me a long time to look this issue in the face because I simply did not know the strength of feeling. How could I have known? My friends and family tried to tell me, but I did not know... No one would mention his name and tell me honestly, I did not know...

Now I know.

Goodbye my friend. We shared some awesome times. We lived; we loved with the best and worst of them, but the important thing is that we loved fiercely; we answered to no one; and after loving, we lived in each others arms; no questions; no answers; love, life and us...

Although I never said it I write it here for all to see.

I love you; always have; always


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