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Friday, February 24, 2012

Citizen journalism

I'm having a little run around due to my less than subtle ways of dealing with idiots (for idiots please read human rights violators who cannot understand what multiple sources mean in journalism terms and get a BIT upset when you explain in words of less than two syllables ) in true me fashion...

Constant 'stuff' for various political, disabled and charitable activists. I know, I know, but even though I didn't know it at the time I signed my fate when I crossed in to the realms of the media.

The hilarious thing is that people/organisations think they can stop the tide of 'citizen journalism', clicktivism and the whole social media/network explosion... The poor dears 'in power' think they can stop us (I've had my main site and email hacked numerous times in the last week), but the tsunami of public opinion is rising and it's going to be complete carnage... Don't say we didn't warn you ;)

Rant over, normal service may resume :)


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