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Friday, February 03, 2012

Royal Assent

I will keep *bumping* this serious and urgent issue because so many people don't know the implications. All they are fed is a media frenzy of smoke screens, lies and sensationalised cases such as a family living in Notting Hill getting £2000 per week in housing benefit to live in a large mansion... These examples are extremely rare. The reality is such as someone like me... I'm severely disabled, physically and psychologically. I live in a housing association house which is currently still being adapted for me. My rent is £76 per week and I get minimal social security benefits. I don't live a lavish lifestyle; in fact, I struggle. It's all to very often that I have to choose between heat or eat. My financial situation is that of many people and families, in that we have to make those choices whatever...Yes, get the scroungers off benefits, that's just common sense.

Anyone who is severely ill, disabled or elderly should not be subjected to a lot of the expensive and beaurocratic nonsense we have to deal with. A lot of people just do not claim because they find the system so distressing and degrading. What does that say about our society? I paid my way as most of us have. We naively expected, that if anything went wrong, that our country would be there for us... PLEASE don't prove us wrong...


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