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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My response to Polly Toynbee

Monday 23 January 2012

"Welfare cuts: now they're slamming the door on the truly desperate | Polly Toynbee"

Much as I detest using this link to hammer home the way elderly, sick, disabled and poverty stricken people (children included) are, and have been for a number of years, due to government red tape at such a level as to put off many genuine and desperate claimants from claiming their less than human rights :

Blogger isn't allowing me to post the link but the info. is readily available via a google search for Beryl Brasier, a grandmother hounded to suicide...

Please read this. I know it's a publication that most right minded and defenders of our poverty stricken population might not read, but it is in a minority, yet again, supporting them and criticising the government to make absolutely critical and speedy change...

Those of us supporting the 'Responsible Reform' report, also referred to it by it's authors and many others as the 'Spartacus Report,' know in great detail every penny taken from the most vulnerable will have an enormous knock on affect whereby local authorities and charities are very soon going to be faced with horrendous financial difficulty to even get those at severe risk in to an increasingly higher, and spiralling out of costs accommodation ; because, surprise, surprise, the private sector ie. short term temporary accommodation, is mostly relied upon to meet this shortfall, especially for the vulnerable groups I have named above; simply cannot wait even a night in freezing temperatures bearing their babes in arms covered in blankets simply to keep them from suffering hypothermia and other more serious illnesses...

Food? Where do they get that from? A bin outside a supermarket?

It was nick- named thus because as a group we had very little faith in it ever getting to the stage it has so highly and justly deserved. The support from the Lords, celebrities, et al, has been amazing, but we have to continue to protect these and other vulnerable people. This is completely obvious and shockingly 'overlooked' by The CONDEMS, Whitehall and the national media.

The media beast has tarred all claimants "benefit scroungers" even though there is barely a 0.5% rate of fraud. Of course, we all agree that the non entitled be weeded out, but at what expense? Tens, if not hundreds of thousands of genuine claimants are dragged through assessments and then tribunals, of which at least 60% are overturned at the first hurdle... And for what? The answer is ATOS; the company contracted to get as many people off benefits as possible. People are not numbers for a target driven company. We are all (appart from the odd one or two), genuine cases and we are not performance related targets!

I'm embarrassed to admit my previous occupation before becoming severely disabled myself...


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