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Monday, January 09, 2012

What are they going to do with us?

Inspired by Sue Marsh's Piece in the Guardian 9th January, 2012.

What are they going to do with severely disabled people after the year benefit limitation? What are they going to do if DLA doesn't automatically qualify some claimants other benefits? What are they going to do when they cut our essential services so much that we cannot live in our own homes and lead as normal life as possible. What are they going to do to make it easier for us to engage in work from home and work it around our disabilities as Sue said? What are they going to do with all the adapted housing stock when property size is questioned? What are they going to do when these cases start landing in Brussels?

It is FAR more cost effective to keep the current system and rightly weed out the tiny percentage that are pulling the wool. If they had to pay for our care in specialist homes it would cost hundreds of times more than doing things the present way. ATOS should be taken out of the equation all together because disabled people are not numbers that count towards targets. The people being asked to verify disabilities should be the very people treating them such as GPs, community nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, consultants, psychologists...The list goes on...

Oh, and it's about time the media got off our backs as well because they may very well regret the witch hunt they started ;)


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