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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Time to tell...

Not been a prolific blogger for a long time. But I make no exscuses because life has had a huge hand.

I'm going to start to spill out the facts of what's happened but I really do not want to bore anyone or search for sympathy.

People get ill. Shit happens. So f'ing what?

If we let these things overwhelme then that's normal.

I'm different (not in an arrogant way) in that I can, and have overcome, and am continuing to fight an horrendous series of life and death challenges with illnesses and situations.

I fight back...

My vocabuarly does not contain the word fail.

My freinds and family know these things...

If you want, you can come on the journey too...

8 months and counting but now I'm prepared to talk :)

Forever yours,



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