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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Feed the world


The G8 summit.

The world paid attetion and voiced it's outrage through the medium of music yet again.

Some of us listened...NOT ENOUGH!

I say again, as I said previously about the live 8 concerts and my memories from 20 years previously of the Band Aid global concerts:

F'ing wise up!

Take a look at your fat greedy nations and for God's sake please do something about it!!!

Aids, poverty, disease, lack of water etc.

Go on...Lend a voice if you cannot donate.

Nelson Mandela asked that we should be a generation who are 'great' and help sort out Africa's problems.

We are that generation. And all we have to do is make our voices heard, in unison, so loud, that the world cannot ignore us!!!

Send this to anyone and everyone you know. Even if they don't have money to donate, they still have a voice!


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