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Sunday, October 03, 2010


My sister is many things, but one thing I will never forgive it for is envy and gross lies.

After all that has happened she still holds sway with lies, deciet and taking advantage of the youth that is my daughter.

She swaned off to her own life and stayed there (appart from one occasion) when my mother was seriously ill.

She then came back and criticised me. I was married, had a daughter, was working full time and lived 45 minutes drive away. But, as she said after returning to Wales, I was not doing anything!

She played the wronged soul...Horrible hubby (which we all knew about and told her but she knew better *rolls eyes*)

Even at my mother's funeral she pushed me to one side and basked in the 'glory' of my mother's death. How sick is that?

Since then she has hunted a guy with the best means to support her habbits.

She found one... I don't feel sorry for the one she found because he is as bad as her.

She tried all ways to get my daughter to turn on me...

She succeeded some shape but my daughter isn't as stoopid as she is...

I hope she is happy in her childless baren and empty world ;)

Oh, I forgot. I have have others to tell...


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