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Monday, January 16, 2012

To whom it may concern...

As a responsible journalist and member of the public I have reached a decision to publish the following:

Six women (have had to edit names, no worries, they know who they are) were responsible for an unprovoked attack upon my person on the 26th November 2003 (or thereabouts).

The females were hostile and threatening to me before they left the establishment and went to another public house.
One 'nice' person was the the original serious protagonist by entering the 'Harp' public house again on said occasion with two glasses of water and proceeding to pour such over me.

I was due to move house the following day and had only 'popped out' for a few drinks with my friends amidst the packing. There was, in no indication, that the women would attempt such a brutal and callous attack upon a lone woman. From their actions I can only assume that they were 'ganging up' because they had all refused help with my daughter's and my house move with the lame excuse of a sporting event on the Saturday, 28th November. No help was offered or asked for on the Sunday because I had already given up on help from my family.

It was horrific. They beat me with punches to my face, body and head; before bringing me to the ground in a series of brutal acts including slamming me against walls, pavements, roads etc... They burned me with ciggarets; they broke my spectacles; they tore my clothing and ripped out my hair (which is very long)...

The one saving grace was my youngest brother who held me and told them that 'enough was enough' and allowed me to get away from the situation, even knowing that one of the worst offenders was his own wife.

I should have reported it all to the police but they were awkward at best. Another incident a few weeks later confirmed my thoughts.


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