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Friday, August 19, 2005

Freedom of Speech???

Freedom of speech...


Seems to me that ordinary people are unable to say what they want to say these days even if what they are saying, the events, person/persons named and the feelings that those actions triggered are all entirely true!!!

I'm reffering to a recent post dated 10th August in which I record a traumatic event from December 13th, 2004.

Everything contained within that entry is as it happened.

Unfortunately, this morning I recieved a solicitor's letter telling me the person who is named as my attacker has made a complaint regarding the entry.

Now, for various reasons which I won't delve into at the moment, the Police never followed-up my complaint of being attacked with a pair of scissors which resulted in a substantial amount of my hair being cut off (very distressing for someone like myself who has waist length hair), even though they had two whitness statements detailing the attack.

The matter is now the subject of an official complaint against South Wales Police.
So, for now, against my principals, I have removed the person's name from the entry.

I'm not happy doing this as I see it as a heavy handed way to stop me telling the truth about a serious assault and the way it has affected me personally.


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