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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Charity... • noun (pl. charities) 1 an organisation set up to help those in need. 2 the voluntary giving of money or other help to those in need. 3 help or money given in this way. 4 tolerance in judging others...definition courtesy of

An emotive subject covering a huge spectrum.

Those that immediately come to mind, however, are charities for animals, famine and disaster stricken people, children at risk/in need, diseases such as cancer, help for elderly folk etc...

While watching TV you can't fail to notice the huge increase in advertisements to make us aware of the plight and need for these groups.

It's not just the TV either, other media such as e-mail, mailshots etc. are increasingly used to attract our attention to these organisations and thier requests for monetary aid.

Now, I'm all for giving as much as you can to these groups, but what if you can't afford it?

We still have a conscience and an urge to do something...

I've found my way :)

I'm a single parent and although my desire is to give as much as I can, and I do when I can afford too, at least I have a 'voice' on here and can share freely my views and concerns about a huge variety of subjects, not just the needy but anything I feel strongly about.

The freedom sites like this give us should be used wisely for such purposes as well as for our own personal 'outlet' :)

And, hopefully, a message can be given to others who read our words, and if a small seed of change is sown in someone's mind who happens upon our 'rants' that is our legacy for the things we hold dear :)


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