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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Situations Vacant.

Due to the vacancy recently created by the now ex-BF, I am posting the following :)


Job Title: Boyfriend (or BF as you'll be known, if successful:)

Suitable applicants are invited to apply for the above mentioned vacancy. This vacancy has arisen due to a certain lady requiring attention from guys who DO NOT fall into the following categories: Typical Valleys males; Arrogant bastards; Users, abusers and liars; Guys wanting free sex (there is no such thing, so wake-up and accept the fact that if you are lucky enough to find a female who's willing to meet you half-way on this, be grateful, not greedy!); Guys strictly wanting to view me from afar (yes, I mean you pervy lot who just want to look at me naked, either on webcam or by requesting dirty pics of me...You know where the newsagents/video store is...Go pay for it like everyone else!).

Hours: Initially, working hours will be restricted mostly to the weekends, but will occassionally require working 24/7 ( the working week regulations DO NOT cover the hours required for this position) for the purpose of holidays ect...

Holidays: As long as you take the GF.

Location: Where and when required.

Reporting To: Girlfriend:) (GF)

Job Specification: The most important aspect of this particular vacancy is to, at all times, treat your GF with the love, attention and loyalty expected and deserved. This will, obviously, be returned as your GF knows how to treat her man:) The prospects for the right person are unlimited. This new and exciting role will continue to grow with the successful candidate.

Person Specification: You must have at least some of the same interests as the GF but applicants are most welcomed from candidates with a diverse range of interests/activities.

Essential Requirements: Great sense of humour; Inteligence; Clean; Fit; High sex drive; Sense of adventure; Spontanaety; Straight talking; Honest; Reliable.

As a high number of applications are anticipated for this vacancy, only shortlisted candidates will be notified of any further interest by the GF. Therefore, if you do not hear anything by the end of September, please accept the GF's thanks for your interest, but assume that you have not been successful on this occasion. Your application will be held on file in view of any future vacancies, of which you will be informed.

To Apply: Send full CV, photo, brief description and covering letter to

Previous applicants need not apply;)


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