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Monday, June 13, 2005

Not Guilty...(seems a little too familiar???)

Ours is not the 'luxury of innocence...we can only hope to regain a few fleeting moments...'

'Not guilty' are familiar and comforting words indeed...

Those words have a very different, and significant effect on those of us who's civil liberties have rested upon them...

My heart goes out to Michael Jackson, his family and those children that this whole public tradgedy has affected.

It isn't just this recent public farce or those that have come before that have affected the previously mentioned, but a whole 'cast' and 'production' that have gone before, during, and, will continue long after.

I'm not really a fan, infact, I can't say I like his music much, but I feel for him in a way that only certian people can.

I've been accused of a crime that I didn't commit, not anything to do with paedophilia, but something that carried a hefty prison sentence none-the-less...

A crime that could have, but for the pravail of common sense and justice, seen me wronged ten thousand fold for something I didn't do in the first place :(


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